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 Presentation #1 - The Modern Day ICON Keynote (1:26:02)
In This Presentation I go over what the modern day ICON is and why now is the best time for you to cash in and start turing yourself into a sought after personal brand. 

Times have changed...

No longer do you need to be someone famous or have tons of money...

Using the free tools available today anyone can can make 5k - 25k a month. 

After you listen to this keynote you will have a clear understanding of what is possible and how you 2 can profit. 

I also go over my 7 year journey from a struggling lowes hardware store employee, to professional BMX racer, to black hat SEO guru, only to lose it all and find my way into the phone of over 5 million people worldwide showing them the power of having a personal style. 

Its been a long road but anyone can do it. 

As long as you are willing to put in the work. 
 Presentation #2 - The 3 P's Of Power Overview (18:02)
When I first decided to make my name in the mens style industry I did a lot of research. 

I studied who was succeeding and what they were doing wrong and right. 

I looked for things like...

How are they getting attention?

What is making them stand out? 

Why do people keep coming back? 

What can I steal from them and model in my biz? 

What do they do that I can not? 


Little did I know by researching and figuring out these questions I was able to get a clear Idea of what I needed to do to walk into a nicje were no one new and within a year be on stage speaking at the premier event in the industry (StyleCON).

Then to learn more I went outside the style Industry...

I looked at fitness. 

I looked at mens lifestyle. 

I looked at models. 

I studied the presidential election. 

And what I found was...

Everyone that was making waves and building a following had 3 things...

These are what I have now decided to call The 3 P's Of Power. 

Every person who is successful online has the 3 P's. 

I want to give them to you. 

When you use all 3 P's synergistically you will be unstoppable. 
 Presentation #3 - The 3 P's Of Power (Developing The ICONIC Persona)
When it comes to standing out from the crowd and turning yourself into a personal brand you can't be a me too guy. 

You must stand out. 

Not only do you need to stand out you need to do it in a way in which you gain trust, authority, and credibility. 

These are not easy to do. 

Especially when you are unknown and new in the game. 

But that is were the 3 P's come in...

By learning how to develop your ICONIC Persona you will stand out. 

You will influence. 

You will persuade. 

And most of all you will have thousands of people wanting to pay you money. 

Now this will not happen overnight. 

Developing your persona will take time. 

It will take you getting out of your comfort zone. 

But the results will be worth it. 

So if you are ready...

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